WITNESSES OF A TIMESolange Farkas's Program

// Uyuni, 2005, 8’08”

15th Festival

In several of his videos, Andrés Denegri constructs an audiovisual universe based on articulations between the notions of proximity and distance. In Uyuni, this articulation takes place between audio and images: voices off of a man and a woman tell the dialogue of a couple in a hotel room in Uyuni, a Bolivian city famous for its proximity to Salar. They comment on their stay, imprisoned between boredom and waiting. The use of indirect speech reinforces the sense of detachment provoked by the long shots of the city. As background sound, we hear excerpts from a Peruvian radio, where a peasant leadership talks about the preservation of natural resources.

Andrés Denegri | Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1975

Andrés Denegri is an artist, curator and teacher, working in video, video installations and films. His research consists of two main themes: one deeply linked to the political and economic history of Argentina, and another based on a lyrical poetic, in which autobiographical traits serve as an occasion for narrative and fictional experimentation. He holds a degree in cinema from the Universidad del Cine, in Buenos Aires. He had artistic residencies in Canada and the United States. He is the director of the Biennial of La Imagen en Movimiento and curator of film and video of the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires. He teaches at the National University of Tres de Febrero and at the National University of the Arts. Lives and works in Buenos Aires.