Cloister of Museu da Marioneta //30 AUG // 22h00 _ LORI ZIPPAY // SOUNDTRACKS [EAI]
Presented by: Lori Zippay // Total:60´´

  Dan Graham's provocative and influential art and theories analyze the historical, social and ideological functions of contemporary cultural systems, including architecture, rock music, and television. In performances, installations, and architectural/sculptural designs, he investigates the act of viewing and being viewed, the spectator and the environment. From his early manipulations of perception through time delay, closed-circuit video, and mirrors to his recent architectural pavilions, Graham explores public and private spaces and their cultural meanings.
Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30 was originally staged in 2004 as a live “rock ‘n’ roll puppet show,” conceived and written by Graham, with video projections by Tony Oursler and live music by the band Japanther. Featuring a cast of marionettes by master puppeteer Phillip Huber, this satirical “entertainment” extends Graham’s fascination with and analysis of rock ‘n’ roll and the youth countercultures of the 1960s and ‘70s. Punctuated with a soundtrack of rock, post-punk and pop songs that function as cultural touchstones, Don't Trust Anyone Over 30 uses puppetry, multimedia spectacle and music to tell an absurdist, psychedelic story of a political and social era.