Created in 2009, FUSO is the only open-air video art festival in Lisbon, in unique spaces such as gardens and museum cloisters. With free admission and over six nights, the festival welcomes artists, curators, the general public and Portuguese institutions involved in this artistic practice.

A program of excellence proposes new perspectives on video art, revealing authors and contemporary works, but also presenting historical pieces rarely or never seen in Portugal.

By exposing the relationship between experimental film languages, performance, photography and cinema, FUSO brings a new awareness to the moving image of the 21st century.

A national competition encourages creators and artists to develop proposals and present them through an open call, awarding the winner with the acquisition prize by the collection of MAAT/EDP Foundation.

By fostering critical thinking around new media and promoting the enrichment of knowledge and dissemination of video art in the Portuguese panorama, FUSO contributes to the dynamics of contemporary national art.

FUSO 2020

To reflect on our societies and the ways we relate to the planet and the countless forms of life that inhabit it is in line with the concept designed for FUSO 2020, even before the appearance of Covid-19. And that continues to be urgent.

Diversity Adversity

Diversity is a constant in the world. Means plurality, differentiation. It concerns the variety and coexistence of innumerable cultures, languages, traditions, customs, spiritualities, bodies and genders. Ethnicity, immigration status, nationality, family organization model, politics, socioeconomic class and sexual orientation are also part of the dialogue on global diversity.

It is a real and urgent issue in the contemporary world*, which has a significant impact in the scope of social policies and in the philosophies of education, since a multicultural, multiracial or multiethnic education implies a positive transformation of the coexistence between differences, not of assimilation or subjugation, but respect for diversity. However, diversity easily turns into adversity in moments of exclusionary extremism and the rise of fascism, as is currently the case around the globe.

FUSO 2020 seeks to reflect how current artistic practices address the global diversity and the problems faced when the concentration of diverse thoughts is not always received in a peaceful manner, leading to intolerance, racism, violence and exclusion.

*2020 marks the 15th anniversary of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (signed in Paris on 20 October 2005).





A Soul in the Eye

Curator: Rosa Spaliviero

Core Dump: Kinshasa, Francois Knoetze

Misfit (a visual poetry), Karanja Ng’endo

Versus, Philbert Aimé Mbabazi Sharangabo

The invisible woman, Pascale Obolo

Never Look At the Sun, Baloji


Ulysses Jenkins: Notions of Freedom

Curator: Lory Zippay

Inconsequential Doggereal, Ulysses Jenkins

Secrecy: “Help Me to Understand”, Ulysses Jenkins

Notions of Freedom, Ulysses Jenkins




Mamá no tengo bombón

Curator: Antonia Gaeta

(June 1972), Jorge Queiroz

(Shoe), Jorge Queiroz


Humans just pretend to be humans. You basically never know what they really are.

Curator: Bojana Piškur

Healthy People for Fun (Zdravi ljudi za razonodu), Karpo Godina

Karpotrotter (Karpopotnik), Matjaž Ivanišin




Bodies frictions/fictions: Is the future female?

Curator: Cristiana Tejo

HEAVEN, Luiz Roque

Apesar do apocalipse, há o tempo, Laryssa Machada

La voz digital, Ana Esteve Reig

Sargaço, Frutífera Ilha

Antes do Azul, Romy Pocztaruk


Images of Adversity and Resistance in the Americas

Curator: Tanya Barson

Three Reflections on Modernity in the Andes, Sandra Gamarra

PARACAS, Cecilia Vicuña

El Paso, hombre invisible, Edgardo Aragon




‘The Message’ is the Medium

Curator: Greg de Cuir Jr

The Message, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

Check Yo Self, Ice Cube

Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down, Puff Daddy