In 2017, FUSO dedicates its edition to the theme of Yesterday and Today, in line with the proposed Past and Present theme of the Lisbon Ibero-american Cultural Capital program.
The juxtaposition of historical and contemporary video art works, at the genesis of FUSO, is complemented this year by a comprehensive and referential dialog about past and present between Europe and the Americas, resulting from the sessions presented by prominent South American, Central American and Portuguese curators.
Fuso 2017 will honor the Brazilian artist Paulo Bruscky, a pioneer, in Brazil, of conceptual art in the 60’s and from the 70’s on, a pioneer of postal art, video art and sound art.

Solange Farkas (Brasil) | Jean-François Chougnet (França) | Pablo León de la Barra (México) | Lori Zippay (EUA) | Lisette Lagnado (Congo/Brasil) | Emília Tavares (Portugal) | Miguel A. López (Perú / Costa Rica)| Jorge La Ferla (Argentina) | Cristiana Tejo (Brasil)