FUSO 2016 // mnaa _ 26 AGO
Garden of Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga // 26 AUG _ 23:15
Presented by: Daniela Arriado// Total:36´

"It is not down in any map; true places never are."
Ishmael, Herman Melville's Moby Dick

We might perceive the current migration crisis as a symbol of our times, challenging our identity, borders, and for many also the post-war “European project”. But for centuries, since the seafarers conquered the New Worlds, and through all times, we have set our dreams and longings travel from harbor to harbor, between land and sea, and sometimes left them as requiems in the salted waters.
This program presents five artists and their videos exploring the journey and symbol of migration, identity and hope.
Dance by Hans Op de Beeck is a fairly abstract video about people in motion, about saying goodbye, about power and powerlessness and about the tragedy of what appears to be the total interchangeability of the individual in the grand scheme of things. The title itself, Dance, refers to migration as an unsteady, rhythmically irregular movement, a balancing act.
Requiem to a Shipwreck by Janis Rafa is performed in honor of a tragic event on the Greek coast. The shipwreck is not a relic of a fatal incident but a forgotten ruin in the landscape. It stands as a monument to tragedy, and a symbol of the many levels and depths of movement in the Mediterranean waters.
Somewhere in Between by Mirelle Borra reflects on the Indo diaspora after the decolonization of the Dutch East Indies (nowadays Indonesia). It highlights different aspects of the process to redefine identity and culture.
Cruzar un Muro (Crossing a Wall) by Enrique Ramirez represents metaphorically in a scenario of fiction and reality, about the waiting, the conviction, and the right of everyone to dream, travel, and to cross borders. And most off all, to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state or to the right of return to their country of origin.
The Last Carnival Cruise by Antoni Miralda is an imaginary trip inspired by the mass tourism industry, leisure, old age and the idea of a journey with no return. Shot in Super 8 in 1980 by Miralda on board a cruise. The journey is connected to the dramatic events that 5 years later occurred to the Achille Lauro ship, hijacked by the Front for the Liberation of Palestine (FLP).